Let’s propose the future.

DENTSU E3 was established to deliver to the world a completely new value
that goes beyond the boundary of existing advertising agencies.

We accelerate the future with three Es.
We identify real issues and foresee what the future should look like. (Envision)
We co-create solutions together with all partners, using all available means. (Engage)
And we create sustainable dynamics that keep moving the world. (Empower)


CEO Nobuaki Kyushima

The rapid advancement of technology has been making the future of business and society increasingly unpredictable, and the roles advertising agencies are expected to play have also been evolving moment by moment. The newly established DENTSU E3 aims at creating new values that encompass the territories of conventional agencies by always going one step ahead of the time.
In specific terms, in the area of clients' communication activity which has always been our strength, we will do all we can to provide a solution to every single challenge, by fully exploiting the power of our imagination and data, based on the true partnership.
In addition, we also view the society itself as our client and aspire to become a driving force that moves the society by promoting broader-ranging businesses in which we may take the initiative.
What enables us to accomplish this is DENTSU E3's unique strengths, which are contact point designing backed by accurate understanding of the target, creative idea development made possible by our powerful imagination, and provision of optimized solution through data technology.
We call this unique method of ours E3 Engine, and will explore new business opportunities and potentials by merging our outstanding creativity with services that take advantage of advanced technology.

We solve issues by developing a core idea through analysis of consumer insights and their daily contact points. Based on the core idea, we offer effective solutions in all areas from Creative to Media, Activation and PR. Our ideas will be continually nurtured and optimized through extensive use of data technology – this is the originality of DENTSU E3 planning method.




We believe in the power of ideas.

We believe that it is within everyone.
If you persist in your efforts to think up ideas, sincerely and passionately, they will come to you, as everyone is equal before ideas.
If you share this belief of ours, we look forward to welcoming you to join us.


Company Name
Dentsu e3 Inc.
Representative Director
CEO : Nobuaki Kyushima
Head Office
Comodio Shiodome, 2-14-1 Higashi-shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 105-8613 »MAP
Phone +81-3-5404-9111
FAX +81-3-5404-9222 http://www.dentsu-e3.co.jp
100 million yen
154 (as of May 2018)
100% owned by Dentsu Inc.
Board of Directors
  • Nobuaki Kyushima, CEO
  • Tetsuji Hirose, Non-executive Director
  • Atsushi Endo, Non-executive Director
  • Tomoyuki Hirao, Auditor
  • 1963年4月
  • 1981年11月
  • 1993年6月
    カンヌ国際広告祭(現・カンヌライオンズ 国際クリエイティビティ・フェスティバル)にて、ニッカウィスキー「魚図鑑」でポスター部門ブロンズ受賞 翌年、フィルム部門シルバー受賞
  • 1996年6月
  • 2007年6月
    カンヌ国際広告祭にて、ノースフェイス「NO PAIN, NO GAIN」でプロモライオン受賞
  • 2011年6月
    カンヌライオンズ 国際クリエイティビティ・フェスティバルにて、ドールジャパン「東京マラソン専用バナナ」でPR部門ブロンズ受賞
  • 2016年6月
  • 2017年6月
    カンヌライオンズ 国際クリエイティビティ・フェスティバルにて、リクルートライフスタイル「The Family Way」でモバイル部門でグランプリ、ゴールド、シルバー、グラス部門で日本初の受賞となるブロンズ、計4つのライオンを受賞
  • 2018年5月
    株式会社電通全額出資の事業会社、株式会社 電通イースリーとしてスタート。