Shopper Marketing Seminar Report

Dentsu Y&R held “Shopper Marketing Seminar 2016” at the hall of the company’s office on Friday December 2, 2016.
Under the theme of “Those who win shoppers will win the store”, Kazumi-Ted Fujieda, Dentsu Y&R Shopper Marketing Department Director, discussed the basic concept of Shopper Marketing and introduced case studies. Following him, Masanori Togawa, Dentsu Y&R Strategic Planning Division Senior Partner, explained how Shopper Marketing can be integrated into BAV - BrandAsset® Valuator, the world’s leading brand database proprietary to Young & Rubicam Group.
Fujieda’s seminar focused on the “Shopper Chemistry” that connects between a brand and a shopper, and participants of the seminar learned the importance of understanding the difference between “Auto-pilot shopping” and “Pilot shopping” to create “Shopper Chemistry”.

Togawa introduced the “Six ShopperStates™”, the consumer clusters representing different purchase behaviors/attitudes of shoppers derived from “BAV (BrandAsset® Valuator)”. He emphasized that BAV is a powerful tool to support and enhance both brand building and shopper chemistry creation.
If you are interested in the contents of the seminar and Dentsu Y&R’s Shopper Marketing, please feel free to contact us.