A Dentsu Y&R employee is awarded Grand Prix in the 33rd “Yomiuri Advertising Awards”

Mr. Shinichi Mimura, a copy writer in Creative Division of Dentsu Y&R, is awarded Grand Prix. The awarded work is titled “World’s scenic spots seen from behind”. The ad is made on the theme of “Expanse of the world you can see, hear and feel - from Narita International Airport”, selected from the themes provided by 44 participating sponsors. Mr. Mimura played the role of creative director and copy writer in creating the work.

Name of the award:
The 33rd Yomiuri Advertising Award 2016, Creator category, Grand Prix

Creative intention:
We are in the age of internet and social media. How can we encourage people to make an overseas trip?
Human beings tend to associate everything with the image they have in their mind. “Scenic spots seen from behind” is not something you usually imagine, so it can symbolize what you can experience only when you actually visit, see and feel the place.
With this ad titled “World’s scenic spots seen from behind”, you turn the page showing the front shot and will find the same spot seen from another angle. Taking advantage of the characteristics of newspaper, this series of ads invites you to take a flight from Narita International Airport to explore the world beyond your imagination.