Aesthetic Salon company TBC & MEN’S TBC New Campaign


Aesthetic Salon company TBC & MEN’S TBC launched a new campaign in December 2017.

【Comment by the production team】
■Aesthetic Salon company TBC
Girls all enjoy everyday moments in considering what to wear.
“How much shall I show my legs today? I guess it would look great if I bared my shoulder…”
Finding the delicate balance in choosing to show some skin is something that thrills girls. And having beautiful skin is the basis of making the decision to use their own style by showing their fashionable skin.
“Get a beautiful, smooth skin and choose to enjoy showing your skin in a more positive manner!”.
This is the message we want to communicate to all girls through this campaign.

This delightful, stylish and impactful movie was created by placing the trimmed skin against the brightly-colored backdrop and showing the body’s movement in the style of graphic arts.

This is created to encourage men to “have the courage to change oneself and become a more forward-looking person”.