DY&R awarded Bronze in the “2017 PR Award Grand Prix”


Dentsu Y&R received the following award in the 2017 PR Award Grand Prix (Organizer: Public Relations Society of Japan, a public interest incorporated association).

■Campaign name/Advertiser
Banana Message / Dole Japan, Inc.

■Award received
Bronze award in the 2017 PR Award Grand Prix
Marketing Communication Category

■Outline of the Campaign
Dole ran a campaign called “Dole Banana Message Campaign” which is intended to support runners working hard towards participating in the “Tokyo Marathon 2017” by writing messages on bananas. At the campaign, Dole created and offered “BANAPEN®”, a unique pen dedicated for writing on bananas for the first time in Japan. Bananas, which have been popular among many generations for a long time, have now evolved into a “communication tool for delivering messages” through the use of the unique “BANAPEN®”.

■About “BANAPEN®”
A unique pen developed and dedicated for writing text and drawing pictures directly onto banana skin, was created for the first time in Japan. By taking advantage of the oxidation action of banana skin and using a transparent, edible, vinegar based ink, instead of normal ink, it is made in a way that text/pictures written/drawn on the banana skin gradually appear shortly after the person sketches out their message. At the campaign held in the previous year, there were approximately 11,000 reviews given by users mainly via SNS. The “vending machine dedicated for bananas”, which was selling a set of a low-sugar banana and a “BANAPEN®” gained so much popularity that it was sold-out on each day of the machine being re-stocked. The initial target of the product was “all runners”, however, the “BANAPEN®” popularity expanded to wider groups to be used as a daily communication tool, and not only for the purpose of cheering up runners in the Tokyo Marathon.
Special website: https://www.dole.co.jp/bananamessage/en/

■About PR Award Grand Prix
Awarded by Public Relations Society of Japan to recognize outstanding PR achievements, PR Award Grand Prix contributes to promotion of the awareness of Public Relations and betterment of communication skills in Japan by widely calling for entries and commending/ publicizing exceptional public relations activities selected by its screening process. Seventy-five entries were received in 2017.