We believe in the power of ideas.

We believe that it is within everyone.
If you persist in your efforts to think up ideas, sincerely and passionately,
they will come to you, as everyone is equal before ideas.
If you share this belief of ours, we look forward to welcoming you to join us.

At Dentsu e3 Inc., we are recruiting new Dentsu e3 team members throughout the year who are capable of encouraging synergy among us and making efforts towards resolving via innovative solutions our clients’ problems and challenges.Below are the key criteria for all the potential Dentsu e3 positions.

  • - Being able to develop a consistent plan commencing from accurately grasping our clients’ marketing/communication problems and challenges, then developing them into the best strategy, and finally all the way through to executing the plan
  • - Capable of examining complex communication channels from a broad perspective, deriving optimum contact points and creating a customer journey with concrete ideas

We welcome all the applications from those who believe they already have these skills, and even from those who may not feel they yet have all the listed skills now, but are strongly aiming to be able to build such a career. If you are interested, please send your resume, career history and (if any) desired position(s) to our Human Resource Department ( Please attach a copy of certificate for qualifications and language skills.

  • *Your information sent to us will be properly handled and managed in compliance with our Privacy Policy, however, please note that the submitted documents will not be returned.
  • *Business level or higher Japanese proficiency is required for working at our company. Please refer to our Japanese website for the application requirements and prepare your documents in Japanese.